A downloadable game for Windows

Ludum Dare #38 , done in 72 hours by IkigaiSeitetsu & BxDaze.


There is a small world with few living-supporting facilities, and more and more citizens are coming in.

How many citizens can you manage to let them survive?

It's a game involving an overpopulated world and mercy.


Make 100 citizens survive in this small world!


Click the download button at the most top of the page, extract the rar, and then run the May_I_Come_In.exe

Drag a citizen onto a facility to get it work!


(Some Authors' Words)

>(BxDaze: and even I haven't reached the challenge goal yet)
>Ikigai: I am happy to complete the first LD I attend and both the game and the experience are definitely out of my expectation, feel couraged! XD
>BxDaze: it's weeeeeeeeeeeeee
>Ikigai: Oh and I have to give much thank to my partner BxDaze without whom I couldn't have lasted till the end *blink blink*
>BxDaze: No I didn't help you and I was just chewing cookies while you were coding and I think you were just raged soooo much


May I Come In.rar 14 MB

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